Saturday, September 26, 2009

ch-ch-ch changes / rhinestone necklace

so, i decided to move some stuff around, and spruce the place up a bit. first of all, i've got too many blogging identities going on out there (turkey sandwich blog, really??), and i'm trying to consolidate as much as possible to be a little more efficient in my blogging. so, my nimble fingers and acommonthread blogs have now joined forces, here, under a brand new name, you won't need to do a thing, since all URLs still work, and the feeds are still the same.

also, i've spent my last 24 hours delving into the technical world of domains, sub-domains, DNS nameservers, CNAMEs, and aliases. and also fretting over the fact that i really hate all of the blogger templates out there. why can't they look more like tumblr?? after accepting i wasn't going to find THE PERFECT THEME, i finally found one with the structure i sort of didn't hate completely, then rearranged it into an unrecognizable form. and...ta-da! although, i can't really leave things alone, sooo...if you see things slowly start moving around and switching places, don't be surprised.

in other, more craft related news, i've been spending some time on some new necklaces for fall. like this rhinestone and pearls bib.

i love love love sparkles, and nothing really sparkles more than a million fabulous vintage rhinestone necklaces all piled on top of each other, combined with pearls and silver chains. all complete with black grosgrain ribbon bows that wrap around and hang long down in the back.

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