Saturday, November 22, 2008

hexagon blanket is coming along

so, my crochet masterpiece started out with just this bit of yarn.

and has now progressed to 10 or so hexagons. this is going to kill me. it's supposed to have 90 hexagons to complete the blanket, but it looks so small. i think i'm going to have to do more. ack. i love the colors though.
pattern is from a book called Crochet Motif Item
Publisher: Seibido Shuppan
ISBN-10: 4415103650
ISBN-13: 978-4415103655

i'm using knitpicks palette yarn, in these colors: apricot, ash, bark, blush, cream, edamame, fog, hyacinth, lemon, lipstick, nutmeg, peach, red, sky, sunlight, twig.
although, i am not fond of nutmeg at all. eck. and while i love the red, it's sometimes hard to mix in with the other colors.

about the pattern: this is in a japanese pattern book, however japanese crochet patterns are displayed in a diagram format, not text. so, once you learn the basics of how to read a japanese crochet pattern (which i now prefer to text patterns), you can pick up any japanese book and read the pattern even when there is no english. i learned how to read japanese patterns from this book, kyuuto! japanese crafts! lacy crochet, written in english which was an excellent beginner book.


Christi said...

Wow this looks fantastic! It's sure to be worth the time.

Amanda Lou said...

I really want to make this blanket. Did you order the book from I need to find someone who can translate the website to see if I can order it from there.

acommonthread said...

Hi - I actually ordered it from, but it looks like they don't have it in stock anymore. the link is in the post above (from there, click translate to english in the upper right corner). It looks like it is out of stock, but someone is selling it used from there.

also...someone else recommended this book, which they said has the same hexagon pattern. i haven't personally seen it, but I imagine it has the basic hexagon pattern in it, and it would be up to you to put together the color scheme. book link: