Tuesday, September 11, 2007

finished! crocheted bath rug

my first big crochet project ever was this bath rug - and it's finally finished. well, almost. just have to finish blocking it!

the pattern is from One Skein (a really great book); the yarn is Peaches & Cream cotton; hook size is J. my ravelry page.

and here it is in my bathroom!


Anonymous said...

That's really what I've been looking for in a bath rug. How's it lasted? And where did you get the pattern? Thank you for sharing!

acommonthread said...

hey there - guess i didn't do a very good job documenting this, haha. Just edited the post to add details. It's from a book called One Skein.

i LOVE this rug. i guess i've had it for 4 years now and it's held up really, really well. i machine wash it and air dry it and it looks great. it's not quite as squishy and thick as it used to be, but overall it's held up well. unfortunately, my friend's kid had a bit of an accident in my bathroom and ruined the rug a few weeks ago(so i had to throw it out)...but i'm planning on crocheting another one b/c i really love it.